Douglas Thomas talks about Futura Font on TED

In the TED Conference, Designer Douglas Thomas shares the brief history of one of the most famous font Futura. When humanity first landed on the moon in 1969, the typeface Futura was right there with them. In this fascinating history of typography, designer Douglas Thomas shares Futura’s role in launching the Apollo 11 spacecraft — and how it became one of the most used fonts in the world.

Balans Aqua Spritz: Design inspired by Swedish mountains

Balans Aqua Spritz is a brand new Swedish brand and drinks concept. It’s a 4% ABV alcohol infused sparkling water with a hint of natural fruit taste inspired by the growing trend for health, fitness and wellbeing. Balans is a delicate infusion of natural flavours – Lightly sparkling and refreshingly balanced. Elmwood wanted to capture the refreshing Swedish mountains where Balans was born, as well as the perfect moment of balance when everything comes together. It currently comes in two flavours Balans Lime and Balans Mandarin, which are both low sugar and low calorie and suitable for vegans and a…

Animated Infographic: Food and beverage packaging trends 2019

A global leader in fiber-based packaging solutions, Evergreen Packaging, released a white paper forecasting key trends that will shape the U.S. food and beverage industries in the year ahead. The insights are based on data from the annual EcoFocus Trend Study, now in its ninth year, examining how consumer attitudes, actions, preferences, and values are reshaping grocery purchasing decisions. Source: Evergreen Packaging Read: The Whitepaper,  The Full Press Release

PPC: 75th Paperboard Packaging Competition Winners Announced

Administered and hosted by PPC and judged by a jury of packaging professionals, industry experts, and professors, the North American Paperboard Packaging Competition is the premier competition for carton manufacturers involved in the concept, design, print, performance, and shelf appeal of paperboard packaging. Source: Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)

Clouds of North: Student Project for Alcohol Free Wine wins PIDA award

The key word for this design is unboxing. Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that differs from the conventional solutions we see in the stores and in e-commerce today. Using a fictitious brand and creating a unique unboxing experience. The box has artwork both on the outside as well as on the inside. The outside has a mountain pattern with aquarelle colors as background (blue, white, gray and orange). Recurring colours are white, blue, gray and orange (cloudberries). The inside is a solid dark blue color with some graphic elements (logotype, storytelling and a part of the mountain…

HP x Smirnoff: Unique variations from one original design with Illustrator plugin

Yarza Twins collaborated with HP and Smirnoff to create a limited edition bottle based on the concept of diversity. Each bottle is unique to the other, thanks to a plugin by HP, Smartstream D4D, we could create millions of variations at a click. To create these series, they portrayed 21 people from all parts of the world and mixed them with 21 hats, patterns and bodies. The number 21 comes from Smirnoff No 21 Vodka. To print these vibrant colours, we used the HP Indigo technology and 7 colours: CMYK + Green, Purple and Orange. As a curiosity, all patterns…

Toy Packaging: A Graffiti Artist Monkey

Katun is a graffiti artist from Kuala Lumpur who specialize in painting comic book style characters. An exciting milestone for Katun as he launch his very first resin sculpture in collaboration with dripsndrops from Bandung, Indonesia. With specific aerosol set of skills & idea, his pieces convert walls into a parallel universe as human in which animals (especially monkeys) play a crucial role in which the monkey figurine is a representation of Katun himself. As a graffiti artist, undoubtedly his monkey holds a spray can on one hand and a banana on the other with a tough expression, and other…