A Board Game Bombay Barter Packaging

Bombay Barter is a multi-player luck and strategy based board game. The objective was to come up with a game play inspired by the Bollywood movie “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro”. A classic based on a true story of business and corruption horrors of Bombay back in 1983. The packaging idea was to come up with a concept wherein the box and the board become one entity. The box of the game when opened becomes the board for the game play.     SOURCE Advertisements

Sweet packaging of Twizzlers candy brand

The sweets category was rapidly growing and evolving while the Twizzlers brand was staying the same. It was time to reinvigorate the iconic candy brand with a fresh, new look and bold personality. In partnership with Hershey Global Design, Sterling created a truly ownable design strategy – to elevate and activate the iconic product form – which reminded consumers to loosen up!   SOURCE

Geometric Pattern with Holographic Material used in Eat Me Chocolate Pack

Eat Me is small square chocolate bars. Its package should be bright, catchy, noticeable on the shelf, wild. That she wanted to take in hand and consider. After testing a lot of patterns on holographic material, Packvision used a geometric pattern. Holography is an unpredictable material, which gives an interesting and unexpected effect.   SOURCE: Packvision

Toy Packaging: A Graffiti Artist Monkey

Katun is a graffiti artist from Kuala Lumpur who specialize in painting comic book style characters. An exciting milestone for Katun as he launch his very first resin sculpture in collaboration with dripsndrops from Bandung, Indonesia. With specific aerosol set of skills & idea, his pieces convert walls into a parallel universe as human in which animals (especially monkeys) play a crucial role in which the monkey figurine is a representation of Katun himself. As a graffiti artist, undoubtedly his monkey holds a spray can on one hand and a banana on the other with a tough expression, and other…

Pukka Herbs packaging redesigned by Mirror Image

Pukka were making some lovely teas and herbal remedies and selling them in independent health food shops. Pukka Herbs packaging looked like cough medicine and The Space Creative has re-branded and re-packaged the herbal remedies and helped them grow from a startup into a highly successful international brand without compromising their authenticity or straying from their roots.   DESIGN: The Space Creative

Design Concept for Mineral Water Structural Packaging

Spring water has long been considered the source of all life. Not only does water play a unique role in determining the possibility of existence, providing life to all beings on the Earth, it also offers a clean and clear taste. Thanks to glaciers and snowy mountains, Kyrgyzstan has huge reserves of spring water. Similarly to water, glass is a pure substance. Glass is also considered one of the safest types of packaging for human health. This material is completely neutral, does not emit any substances or odors, and does not absorb the flavor of the substance packaged in glass…