S+ DRINK: Natural Whey-Based Energy Drink Campaign & Packaging Design

S+ is a natural whey-based drink, it optimize production chain and it gives an high proteins and vitamins food. The real athletes who need energy and power for that. This is a marketing research and applications project for a new functional drink positioning, packaging design and campaign. #everydaychampions are those who make the world go round everyday. DESIGN: Amedeo Rosso, Italy Advertisements

WestRock: Honored by Paperboard Packaging Council for Design Excellence

WestRock received 12 awards at the 75th annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition. The awards include the inaugural Digital Application of the Year Award for its Crown Royal Rodeo Digital Campaign. Sponsored by the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), the competition is judged by a panel of packaging experts. The awards recognize cartons that represent the best in converting excellence, innovation and sustainability that the North American folding carton industry has provided its customers over the past year. WestRock earned four gold and seven excellence awards for a variety of packaging solutions. A full list is included below: Crown Royal Rodeo…

NiceLabel: World’s First Cloud-Based Label Management System Announced

Leading global developer of label design software, NiceLabel has announced the launch of the world’s first cloud-based label management system, developed to allow businesses to rapidly digitally transform their factory and warehouse labeling process. No costly upfront investments in IT infrastructure Flexible, scalable, subscription model ROI in less than 6 months SOURCE: NiceLabel

Clouds of North: Student Project for Alcohol Free Wine wins PIDA award

The key word for this design is unboxing. Create a sustainable, innovative and functional packaging concept that differs from the conventional solutions we see in the stores and in e-commerce today. Using a fictitious brand and creating a unique unboxing experience. The box has artwork both on the outside as well as on the inside. The outside has a mountain pattern with aquarelle colors as background (blue, white, gray and orange). Recurring colours are white, blue, gray and orange (cloudberries). The inside is a solid dark blue color with some graphic elements (logotype, storytelling and a part of the mountain…

OLEO: Minimal Visual Language for Greek Olive Oil

OLEO, the first Greek olive oil to be marketed as a food supplement in the European market, is a remarkably high in phenols, organic compound with powerful antioxidant qualities that contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. OLEO was originally launched in the Scandinavian markets, a fact that played an important role in its design. The “minimal” visual language of Scandinavian design identifies completely with the pure, nature-inspired character of OLEO, which contains only exceptional olive oil from the olive groves of Ancient Olympia at the Peloponnese peninsula. As an innovative food supplement, OLEO had to avoid…

TIDE ECO-BOX: Detergent pack especially designed for e-commerce

Procter & Gamble, the makers of Tide, are going to release new packaging for their liquid detergent specifically designed for e-commerce. Tide Eco-Box will start shipping in January 2019, and unlike plastic bottles, it doesn’t need to be wrapped and re-boxed for shipment to the consumer. The same tide clean in a smarter package – with shipping-safe packaging and a no-drip twist tap, it’s specially designed for ease of shipping and ease of use. And it uses 60% less plastic and 30% less water vs the comparable plastic bottle (150 oz Tide Original). 60% less plastic and 30% less water…

AKULAVIT: Shark Fin Inspired MultiVita Pack-Design

Illustrated through a graphical element looking like shark fin the predator became the central image of the concept, representing the power and the very high effectiveness of the preparation Akulavit. This is a strong and powerful image, that emphasizes the effectiveness of the product and furthermore helps to stand out on the competitive market. DESIGN: David Hovhannisyan    

Easy Peasy: Cosmetic brand’s typographic design

Easy Peasy is an indie cosmetic brand recently launched by Amore Pacific. The brand name meaning ‘very easy’ is literately the key concept of the brand. Their stick-shaped products make makeups easy yet perfect. Keywords of the brand were: easy, active, fun, bold, chat. To convey the brand essence, CFC created a typographic wordmark and symbol with sense of humor. Inspired by multiple colors and textures of their products, designed packaging with bold typography and colorful graphics. DESIGN: CFC

Free: Dispenser Bottle PSD Mock-up

Graphics Fuel shared beautiful and shiny dispenser bottle mock-up PSD to showcase your product packaging identity design. With this mcok-up design you can easily and quickly showcase your label design in a few seconds, thanks to the smart-object layers. Highly useful to showcase your soap, shampoo or hand-wash product designs. DOWNLOAD: Graphics Fuel

BRAND Packaging: 2018 Design Gallery People’s Choice Winners

Brand Packaging announced the winners of its 2018 Design Gallery People’s Choice awards at the annual Packaging That Sells Conference held in Chicago on October 8-10. The awards recognize the industry’s best packaging designs based on how effectively the packaging uses graphics and structure to tell a brand’s story. This year’s competition drew 86 submissions across five award categories: Paperboard, Flexible, Rigid Plastic, Glass and Metal. In addition, an overall Editor’s Choice was selected out of the nominees from all categories. Unlike most other design competitions, the Design Gallery awards are chosen by online voting. This year, more than 3,000…