Cadbury: Failed to Alter its Purple Colour as Trade Mark

Cadbury’s 2004 trade mark application for purple hue Pantone 2685C was rejected by the UK Court of Appleal, following objections by Nestlé. Cadbury was trying to drop letters and alter its purple colour as trade mark; so that rival brands were not allowed to use same purple. If allowed to be the predominant colour rather than restricted to the whole surface, the registration could cover uses of purple in extravagantly different ways. The mark could appear as stripes, spots, a large central blob, or in any other form. (Lord Justice Floyd, who presided over the Cadbury case) We are disappointed…

Kellogg’s: Pack-Design based on ‘Traffic Light’ on Consumer Demand

Kellogg’s is to adopt “traffic light” labelling for most of its cereal packaging from early next year after consumers said the colour-coded scheme helped them make healthier food choices. Colour coding grades health-impact ingredients such as sugar, with red suggesting a high content level and green a low one. Oli Morton, managing director for Kellogg’s UK operations, said: “Following our announcement late last year to overhaul our cereal in the UK we are now following that up with a new and modern Kellogg pack redesign in 2019. The food giant said the voluntary labels would begin appearing on breakfast cereal…

Student’s Project: Hexagon Carton with Abstract Design

HEX is a moisturising lip balm that is designed to enhance your tastebuds and creates an illusion to your metabolism. When this lip balm is applied, your lips can either taste like the last food you ate and changes every time you eat something new, or tastes like whichever food you are craving or thinking of in your mind. This product supports the health-conscious consumer to continue to have a balanced, energising diet. The product can help with their diet and satisfy cravings – as this product has no calories and can assist with controlling energy intake and prevent overconsumption….

Djuice: Water Color Painting effect on Packaging Design

The objective of the project was to create a brand identity, flavors, and packaging, including dieline, for the juice. Designs for three different flavors were requested – flavors that is up to the designer to come up with as well. The usage of a milk carton was adopted in addition to the overlapping of modern design and water-like art painting. Design wise, the purpose was to merge between two opposite yet similar items, i.e. milk and juice, design and art, modern and classical. Design: Nada Selim, Egypt    

YNOIR 18K Earphones: Making Technology Fashionable

Visual ID designed these luxury earphones as well as developed the brand and visual identity. The unique Y-ornament is sculpted from a single piece of metal and plated in rosé, white & yellow gold which then is secured by hand on textile wrapped cords and high-performance earbuds. Since YNOIR was on the pricier side we made the packaging look and feel great as a gift, figuring that both men and women could buy them for themselves and their partner. The color, size, weight, look & feel was all made to enhance the style of the earphones. It looks like stylish,…

Free: Beer Bottle Mock-up PSD

This is a Beer Bottle Mock-up Free PSD which is perfect for showcasing your Beer bottle label designs in a photo-realistic manner. This free mock-up template shows a glass bottle on clean environment which is great if you want to give your beer bottle label design a realistic look. Just replace the beer bottle label design with your own custom design using smart object and you are done. You can also change the bottle cap and background color very easily using Adobe Photoshop. Source: Free Beer Bottle Mock-up PSD

PPC: 75th Paperboard Packaging Competition Winners Announced

Administered and hosted by PPC and judged by a jury of packaging professionals, industry experts, and professors, the North American Paperboard Packaging Competition is the premier competition for carton manufacturers involved in the concept, design, print, performance, and shelf appeal of paperboard packaging. Source: Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)

Fina: Designed to Kiss & Tell a Great Brand Story

Tray with a 3-Panel Lid Box construction, paired with the curved edge technology feature and magnetic closure creates a unique and affordable design. Taylor Box’s curved edge packaging capabilities are a toolset-based innovation which enables us to machine-produce curved edges for binders, folders and other packaging components with precision to create a unique alternative design to the traditional straight edge. Design: Taylor Box Company