Student’s Project: Hexagon Carton with Abstract Design

HEX is a moisturising lip balm that is designed to enhance your tastebuds and creates an illusion to your metabolism. When this lip balm is applied, your lips can either taste like the last food you ate and changes every time you eat something new, or tastes like whichever food you are craving or thinking of in your mind. This product supports the health-conscious consumer to continue to have a balanced, energising diet. The product can help with their diet and satisfy cravings – as this product has no calories and can assist with controlling energy intake and prevent overconsumption….

Djuice: Water Color Painting effect on Packaging Design

The objective of the project was to create a brand identity, flavors, and packaging, including dieline, for the juice. Designs for three different flavors were requested – flavors that is up to the designer to come up with as well. The usage of a milk carton was adopted in addition to the overlapping of modern design and water-like art painting. Design wise, the purpose was to merge between two opposite yet similar items, i.e. milk and juice, design and art, modern and classical. Design: Nada Selim, Egypt    

YNOIR 18K Earphones: Making Technology Fashionable

Visual ID designed these luxury earphones as well as developed the brand and visual identity. The unique Y-ornament is sculpted from a single piece of metal and plated in rosé, white & yellow gold which then is secured by hand on textile wrapped cords and high-performance earbuds. Since YNOIR was on the pricier side we made the packaging look and feel great as a gift, figuring that both men and women could buy them for themselves and their partner. The color, size, weight, look & feel was all made to enhance the style of the earphones. It looks like stylish,…

Fina: Designed to Kiss & Tell a Great Brand Story

Tray with a 3-Panel Lid Box construction, paired with the curved edge technology feature and magnetic closure creates a unique and affordable design. Taylor Box’s curved edge packaging capabilities are a toolset-based innovation which enables us to machine-produce curved edges for binders, folders and other packaging components with precision to create a unique alternative design to the traditional straight edge. Design: Taylor Box Company  

Cruse Wine: Unique Design to Encourage Curiosity

Force & Form drew inspiration from the Cruse Wine Company’s maverick attitude by contrasting tradition with irreverence. As winemaker Michael Cruse puts it, that juxtaposition reflects his goal to “return to California roots and California classics…but doing it in a modern way.” Because the winery also specializes in rare varietals such as Valdiguié and Saint Laurant, we recommended an image-dominant label to encourage curiosity. So instead of a consumer asking themselves “What is Valdiguié?”, they ask “Is that a cow?” The cow is familiar and familiarity warms them up to exploring something new. On a humorous note, we once overheard…

S+ DRINK: Natural Whey-Based Energy Drink Campaign & Packaging Design

S+ is a natural whey-based drink, it optimize production chain and it gives an high proteins and vitamins food. The real athletes who need energy and power for that. This is a marketing research and applications project for a new functional drink positioning, packaging design and campaign. #everydaychampions are those who make the world go round everyday. DESIGN: Amedeo Rosso, Italy

OLEO: Minimal Visual Language for Greek Olive Oil

OLEO, the first Greek olive oil to be marketed as a food supplement in the European market, is a remarkably high in phenols, organic compound with powerful antioxidant qualities that contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. OLEO was originally launched in the Scandinavian markets, a fact that played an important role in its design. The “minimal” visual language of Scandinavian design identifies completely with the pure, nature-inspired character of OLEO, which contains only exceptional olive oil from the olive groves of Ancient Olympia at the Peloponnese peninsula. As an innovative food supplement, OLEO had to avoid…