Brewing Brand that Appeal to Gamer Culture

For New Era Brewing, a Calgary-based brewery, Guns Creative needed an identity that would appeal to gamer culture, the core of their GAMER brand. The inaugural brews, “Hero Lager“ and “Knight IPA,” score critical hits on a number of levels. The Gamer wordmark features drop points on the G and R, common in 80’s metal and indie culture. The purple/magenta colour scheme of Hero is heavily inspired by the modern synthwave scene alongside ’80s culture. The Hero is silhouetted against purple spotlights, he’s a hero in the modern sense of gamer rockstars. The point of the M draws the eye…

Douglas Thomas talks about Futura Font on TED

In the TED Conference, Designer Douglas Thomas shares the brief history of one of the most famous font Futura. When humanity first landed on the moon in 1969, the typeface Futura was right there with them. In this fascinating history of typography, designer Douglas Thomas shares Futura’s role in launching the Apollo 11 spacecraft — and how it became one of the most used fonts in the world.

Indonesian Coffee Concept BearBreak

3 Types of Indonesian coffee variants that have been proven favored by the people of Indonesia and the World; Sumatra, Aceh Gayo and Espresso which are BearBreak Coffee’s signature houseblend. House Blend Signature will be based on all types of coffee and mix with other beverage blends. Bear Break is our second business concept after Matcha O. If Matcha O focuses on Matcha Green Tea Business, Bear Break combines coffee, tea, and something that relaxes you. We designed the Bear Break in such a way from ideas, strategies, positioning, and all strategic things that can support the success of Bear…

Danissimo: Rum flavored soft drink

Responding to the buyers’ mood, the company “DanonBel” has launched a limited line of the milkshakes Danissimo. Rum and banana is the most extravagant combination in the line. A special flavor keeps a topic of the winter holidays – heady hints of the soft drink are meant to give pleasure and joy. The special edition packaging design maintains brand recognition and continues the entire history of a delicious treat. The expressive foodzone focuses on a new flavor. And a fantasy illustration plunges you into a magic atmosphere. Design: AVC (Agency of Visual Communations), Belarus

Balans Aqua Spritz: Design inspired by Swedish mountains

Balans Aqua Spritz is a brand new Swedish brand and drinks concept. It’s a 4% ABV alcohol infused sparkling water with a hint of natural fruit taste inspired by the growing trend for health, fitness and wellbeing. Balans is a delicate infusion of natural flavours – Lightly sparkling and refreshingly balanced. Elmwood wanted to capture the refreshing Swedish mountains where Balans was born, as well as the perfect moment of balance when everything comes together. It currently comes in two flavours Balans Lime and Balans Mandarin, which are both low sugar and low calorie and suitable for vegans and a…

KisKis: Chewing gum pack for Generation Z

This project has been designed for KisKis gum product, aiming to target the Generation Z in China market. In order to stand out in a sea of unique faces, these group are seek out creative and unique ways to express their individuality, Focusing on their personality Box designed a series of cool clash supporting graphic to present how creativity and Individuality they are. Design: Box Brand Design, China

Bud Light: A first US beer to add on-pack info

Bud Light has become the first beer in the United States to add a comprehensive on-pack serving facts and ingredient label. Its new secondary packaging design will hit stores in February. In addition to listing the ingredients, the packaging will also include: serving size, calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrates, sugars and protein. In every aspect of their lives, people are demanding more and more transparency, and Bud Light said it wants beer drinkers to have more information when it comes to choosing their brew, right at their fingertips on the packaging. Source: Bud Light

Heidelberg Assistant has won 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award from IDG

To coincide with the first anniversary of its market launch, the Heidelberg Assistant has won a 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award from the U.S.-based International Data Group (IDG), a world-leading supplier of technology media and data/marketing services. This award is a prestigious accolade that goes to 50 organizations each year for digital innovations that improve business success, modernize operations, and enhance the customer experience. Winning a 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award underlines that we have our finger on the pulse with the Heidelberg Assistant and have assumed a leading industry role in digitizing customer communication. – Hermann. Source: Heidelberg

Starbucks Taiwan: If earth is our mother-Coffee grounds charity candles

Starbucks has invested in social corporate responsibility (CSR) activities for a long period of time, from community clean-up projects, to regular involvement in both small-and large-scale group activities. Since 2010, Starbucks partners had already reached an accumulated 185,000 hours of volunteer work. With Starbucks Taiwan’s 20th anniversary in 2018, from the perspective of the Starbucks brand, the thought is of how more can be done for society and how circular economy and renewable energy issues can be incorporated into Earth Day activities. In addition to the all-store Coffee Grounds Charity Candles, Starbucks will also give back more directly to the…

Animated Infographic: Food and beverage packaging trends 2019

A global leader in fiber-based packaging solutions, Evergreen Packaging, released a white paper forecasting key trends that will shape the U.S. food and beverage industries in the year ahead. The insights are based on data from the annual EcoFocus Trend Study, now in its ninth year, examining how consumer attitudes, actions, preferences, and values are reshaping grocery purchasing decisions. Source: Evergreen Packaging Read: The Whitepaper,  The Full Press Release