White Leaf Provisions: Organic Baby Food Biodynamic

White Leaf Provisions cares as much about the way in which their food is farmed as the taste and purity of the final product. Founders, Keith & Meghan wanted to develop food for baby and toddlers, that is so yummy a hungry adult could also enjoy. Their line of biodynamic and regeneratively farmed organic baby food and apple sauces aim to heal the planet that our kids will inherit.

Design Womb partnered with White Leaf on a total rebrand and an official re-launch of their consumer packaged goods (cpg) as part of our brand incubator redesign services. In the end, we delivered a complete brand identity package which included a hand crafted custom new logo, packaging design for multiple SKUS, custom watercolor paintings, playful organic illustrations, and a visual art direction guide to help direct the brand’s photographic voice.

White Leaf Provision’s passion is purity and transparency alongside mindful sustainable living and biodynamic farming. Shying away from anything artificial, the color palette is inspired from the plant the food is created from. The modern visual identity is farm-fresh and utilitarian with a very pure white base paired with vibrant hand painted artistic fruits and vegetables. These playful details showcase the delicious nature of the source and reflect their mission to bring bright and clean organics with honesty, ease, and convenience into your daily lives.

Design: Design Womb
Substrate: Pouch, Box, Sleeve
Location: United States