HP x Smirnoff: Unique variations from one original design with Illustrator plugin

Yarza Twins collaborated with HP and Smirnoff to create a limited edition bottle based on the concept of diversity. Each bottle is unique to the other, thanks to a plugin by HP, Smartstream D4D, we could create millions of variations at a click.

To create these series, they portrayed 21 people from all parts of the world and mixed them with 21 hats, patterns and bodies. The number 21 comes from Smirnoff No 21 Vodka. To print these vibrant colours, we used the HP Indigo technology and 7 colours: CMYK + Green, Purple and Orange.

As a curiosity, all patterns come originally from the iconic Smirnoff eyebrow logo, reflecting well on the concept of diversity, how one thing can be the same, but different.

If you would like to sign up for HP Smartstream D4D Beta, click here.

DESIGN: Yarza Twins