Coca-Cola China: 2030 Recycling Programme with VenCycling Machine

The next time you smile as you grab your favorite drink, the vending machine might just respond in kind – especially if you recycle the package after. Using cutting-edge facial recognition technologies and a voice interactive system, the VenCycling machine makes purchasing and recycling a variety of Coca-Cola beverages more efficient and intelligent. Sporting emotive AI LEDs and two “eyes” – one that dispenses beverages and another that collects used packaging – the machine offers a smart incentive for consumers to recycle. In exchange for returning used cans or plastic bottles into the machine, consumers receive credits, primarily via mobile…

Afrigetics: Branding & Packaging of African Botanical company

Afrigetics is a botanical company committed to natural health through African medicinal plants. Bringing natural medicines that complement and enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself, restoring balance without the use of synthetic drugs or chemicals. “The Afrigetics brand is built on 3 pillars , natural , science based products from Africa. The logo and packaging symobolises ‘The Seed within the African earth’ and the teams passion and commitment to Africa and it’s potential.”     DESIGN: TAG 8

Glass Packaging Institute: 2018 Clear Choice Award Winners Announced

Since 1989, the Clear Choice Awards has honored consumer product goods manufacturers who find unique ways to use glass packaging to tell the story of their brand, create glass containers that stand out on the shelf, and feature innovative designs. The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announces the winners of its 2018 Clear Choice Awards, which recognize North America’s top brands and manufacturers creating exceptional designs that shape powerful consumer experiences. The seven winners were recognized during a ceremony at the national Packaging That Sells Conference in Chicago. SOURCE: Glass Packaging Institute