Toy Packaging: A Graffiti Artist Monkey

Katun is a graffiti artist from Kuala Lumpur who specialize in painting comic book style characters. An exciting milestone for Katun as he launch his very first resin sculpture in collaboration with dripsndrops from Bandung, Indonesia. With specific aerosol set of skills & idea, his pieces convert walls into a parallel universe as human in which animals (especially monkeys) play a crucial role in which the monkey figurine is a representation of Katun himself. As a graffiti artist, undoubtedly his monkey holds a spray can on one hand and a banana on the other with a tough expression, and other tiny details that adds more to the monkey’s personality. This monkey is hand-casted and hand-painted on high impact resin and is 17cm tall.






Monkey Business_Katun_02



DESIGN: Katun Visual Anarchist