New material for corrugated packaging in Heineken Coolbag

The new material “Arcwise” (an SCA patent) in Heineken Coolbag. The corrugated cardboard can now be bent “around the corner” and still offers the exceptional stability of corrugated packaging designs without any folds being visible. This development allows for new shapes or designs when used skilfully, as well as offering weight reductions. This pack received The Gold in New Material Category by German Packaging Awards 2018. DESIGN: Brohl Wellpappe

Black Panther Pack-Design for Pepsi

To mark the global launch of the blockbuster, “Black Panther” by Marvel Studios USA, Karl Knauer designed and produced togehther with Partners a spectacular luminous packaging for the film’s sponsors, PepsiCo USA. The luminous Black Panther packaging is a perfect interplay of design, construction, material and innovative light technology. With the patented HiLight – smart LEDs® technology it is possible to integrate Light esthetically, functionally and economically into any paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard product. DESIGN: Karl Knauer