Paper and board have key roles in the future of packaging

Paper and paperboard will continue to play a vital role in the evolving global packaging market according to the latest exclusive research from Smithers Pira. Board and paperboard (corrugated, folding carton stock and liquid paperboard) is the largest packaging material type covered in the Smithers study. It accounted for 35.7% of world packaging consumption in 2016, followed by flexible packaging (plastic, paper and foil) with 23.3%, rigid plastic packaging with 18.2% and metal with 12.2%. Pulp and paper is represented in the two largest packaging material segments – board and flexibles –in 2017. Flexible packaging is forecast to grow consumption at…

Free Cosmetic Bottles Mock-up PSD

Two PSD cosmetic bottle mock-ups crafted in photoshop to allow you incredible realistic presentation for your designs. All can be edited via smart layers including the design of the label and color of the caps. Global light, shadows, highlights and background colors can be all controlled to allow you to make the most of this graphic. DOWNLOAD: Cosmetic Bottles Mock-up

Condom brand Fallo protetto! has unique packaging design

The packaging design was conceived as being luminous, with a system of essential signs and images that show simple scenes and underline the idea of protection. In one image a hungry cat is eyeing up a bird protected by a cage-condom. In another, an avid chameleon is isolated in a test tube-condom with butterflies flying al around it. The packaging design also recalls authentic ads, and perhaps this is the (big) difference compared with the packaging design competitors. DESIGN: Rossetti Brand Design