Turkey culture and nature inspired design in Akseki

Akseki is a village of Antalya/Turkey, established in 1288. Although Akseki attracts tourism with its deep-rooted history, unique traditional houses, beautiful nature, rare animals such as mountain goat & deer, renowned products such as almond, beans, honey, tea, the village needed some packaging & souvenir design that unites & conveys these characteristics.
We brought together soft, calm colors of nature to reflect the serenity of the village; brown for the soil, orange for the sun, green for the forest. Using engraved drawings of the houses & animals and a serif font, we tapped into the deep-rooted history of Akseki. And for the logo, we used a script font to convey the unique feel of the area.

Design by Master Plan

Akseki branding and packaging - 02Akseki branding and packaging - 03Akseki branding and packaging - 04Akseki branding and packaging - 05Akseki branding and packaging - 06Akseki branding and packaging - 07