Maka: Biodegradable bottles for Mexican water brand

Design by Anagrama

Maka is a conscious water selling company, with strong Mexican roots. As an eco-friendly and altruistic brand, they only use biodegradable materials for their bottles and support the local Nahua community in Mexico.
We designed a clean and singular identity focused on distinguishing Maka as an all-Mexican brand.
The project started by taking Carlos Merida’s artwork as inspiration.
For the icon, we created an abstraction of a tzinitzcan, one of Mexico’s most colorful and beautiful birds.
The bottle design displays balance and transparency and works as a white canvas that allows different artwork to be included without altering its visual aesthetics.

MAKA 003MAKA 005MAKA 006MAKA 007MAKA 008MAKA 009MAKA 010MAKA 011MAKA 012MAKA 013