55 Tonic Water: Simple illustrated label with foil logo

Design by Lanza Studio

55 Tonic Water is a Texas-based company, a freshwater flavored with fruity notes, true to the natural origin, with pure spring water, filter and purified for more than 10 years. Our solution retakes the idea “we are all natural” we illustrate characters without face emphasizing the fact of anyone can be that character, we generate a personalized typeface for the numerical logo “55” printed in foil, every flavor has a different illustration inspired in the fruits used for that product, the result is a friendly and organic brand.

55 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0155 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0355 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0255 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0455 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0355 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0555 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0855 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0955 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-10

55 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-0655 Tonic Water-Branding-Packaging-Label-02