Sunsweet: Prune Pack

Design by McLean

With 80% global share, Sunsweet is the world’s number one prune brand. As consumers increasingly seek healthy solutions, prunes continue to stand alone as the king of functional foods. We have cultivated the brand for over 25 years, guiding its vision and adding value to this reliable commodity.


Kingsford: Charcoal Briquets

Designed by McLean

Since the advent of gas BBQ grills, charcoal sales had been declining. Our insight was that fire, smoke, and danger were significant attractants. We redesigned the Kingsford brand-mark to be more dangerous, “BBQ Bob” to actually be outdoors, and the entire bag to be more effective. It worked.


Fresh Express: Packaged Salads

Design by McLean

Consumers’ continued shift toward unprocessed foods, organics, and movements like farm-to-table, demand wholesale changes for both product development and packaging. For Fresh Express, who invented packaged salads in the 80’s, this meant healthier, on-trend items which are closer to the farm, further from the factory, and portray that clearly at shelf.

01_Fresh Express02_Fresh Express04_Fresh Express05_Fresh Express06_Fresh Express07_Fresh Express

Elli Quark: Yogurt Packaging

Design by McLean

Elli Quark is downright foreign to the US market, yet it is far higher in protein and lower in calories than Greek yogurt. This innovation in America’s dairy aisle had to be both modern and flavorful, conventional and disruptive, all while being approachable. Elli is a new food for a new generation of dairy consumers.

02_Elli Quark03_Elli Quark04_Elli Quark

Nongfu Spring: Chinese Flavored Water

Design by Mouse Graphics

Our design approach had the intention to show in a pretty straightforward way the fruit flavoring of the water. By creating the optical illusion of a floating fruit we convey the idea in an honest and direct way. The iconography of the 4 fruits – grape, pomelo, lychee and lemon – is such that it produces the very natural effect of a fresh fruit slice dipped in water; an impression enhanced by the light coloring of the water. Lettering is kept to the one side of the container so that the other offers the clear view of the free floating fruit.



Weetabix: British Cereal Packaging

Design by Springetts

Growing trend for high protein products, and migration from the sports nutrition category to the mainstream, Weetabix developed a range of breakfast cereals with added protein. Springetts designed packaging for product.

Rooted in the understanding of semiotics, we created a pack design that subconsciously conveys the brand’s reason to believe and its promise. A visual jolt in the fixture whilst protecting its core visual equities.
A clear response to the consumers’ question, why Weetabix? The answer… Fuel your day…


Mastro: Infographic Labels

The 6th, the design agency from Milano, Italy designed labels describe with infographics. The products are from Mastro, a small farm in Puglia, Italy. All the things that are commonly left written on the back of packagings.

Design by the 6th

All the ingredients are italian and 100% organic, all the products are handmade: olive oil, tomato sauce and blonde oranges marmalade.


Our Greenery: Organic Seeds Packaging

Table Garden, a Swedish company Our Greenery’s product to makes growing micro greens at home easy. This is their first launched product that comes with a greenhouse in porcelain, three kinds of organic seeds and agar growing medium for three harvests.

Design by Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday developed everything from scratch including naming, brand identity, packaging design and the structural design.

We focused on creating a modern design with two key objectives: 1. Create a design with great stand out to attract consumers approaching the packs in-store, and in an easy way communicate the innovative home growing concept on the pack. 2. When purchased, Table Garden should be a functional appliance-kit for growing your own food at home as well as an appealing home accessory.